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Early in the 1990's Kent Clelland was deeply involved with the interaction between computer music and brain function. Sonic entrainment, binaural beat phenomena, and biofeedback controlled melodic improvisation were the foundations of Clelland's computer music upbringing. He learned mind altering audio synthesis techniques from the likes of Timothy Leary, Peter Rothbart, David Rosenboom, and Wada Leo Smith.
Genesis Course (ZKM, 1999) on audio synthesis using physical modelling techniques introduced Clelland to Florian Hecker, and Oswald Berthold who included K∑ñ† on their online music portal (Editions MEGO). Shortly thereafter Clelland found himself in Berlin where he joined forces with a small startup company specialized in making really cool audio synthesis software for the WIN95 platform. Under his guidance that company began releasing software for the Macintosh platform which would become known as Native Instruments Reaktor. Whilst coding software for the techno DJ's of the Berliner underground, Clelland began performing experimental computer music as LapCore also releasing his works under the net label 6i Musik.
In 2009 LapCore was diagnosed with a severe brain abnormality to which many of his auditory hallucinations can be attributed. Extended pressure onto the creative cortex of his right frontal lobe contributed subconsciously to the development of his computer music style and proficiency for improvised musics for decades before being diagnosed.
In the mid 2000-teens LapCore joined forces with visual digital artist jana° (Honegger) with whom he founded the visual music synthesis live act line_code. Together they perform ambi-media concerts using self coded software instruments and underlying socio-political activist messaging.
After decades of software development, musical style evolution, improvisation rehearsals, and brain therapies, LapCore has invented the new form of harmonic composition called cTonality. Continuing his love for inventing software instruments and digital signal processing, LapCore has co-founded the international Verein W3rkH0f (International Society of media artists, registered in Switzerland) to act as a vessel for collaborative software development projects, musical releases, and ambi-media art and performance.
Under the artistic, coding, and musical direction of LapCore, the artists and engineers of the Verein W3rkH0f are working on the audio and visual performance software of tomorrow while releasing experimental recordings today.
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